Centralized management

easyVault is a new interface for the management of the electronic bank key for vault. It allows the remote monitoring and control of safe door locks (opening/closing of the electronic bank key).

Extension and backwards compatibility

Another strength of easyVault is its compatibility with many different types of safe locks.

When expanding a vault, this makes it easier and less expensive to integrate a new supplier. Indeed, a web-based multi-station system capable of driving multiple lock models is certainly comfortable for branch staff.

Our system is currently compatible with safes of several manufacturers, namely :

  • Kaba
  • GFeller
  • Kromer
  • Wertheim
  • Gunnebo 3000F
  • Vidmar Elektronik Bau Telesafe

Web-based interface

The easyVault system is supplied with a mini web server offering the possibility to manage all services through a web browser. This is integrated in your local network and does not need to communicate with the outside world.

No more management available only on a single workstation, but instead, several users can be connected simultaneously and view all the safes in a synchronized way thanks to the webservices technology

The staff can authenticate themselves on the interface using their usual identifiers because the system is compatible with LDAP / AD type databases.